Jungle Flower, formerly known as Reesee Zigga Zagga, is a Toronto based photographer, poet, interviewer, and humanitarian.

Her portfolio includes Grammy Award winning artists Drake, Mya, Melanie Fiona, T.I., Ciara, as well as Dr. Oz, Terry Crews and former NBA All Star Chris Bosh.

After escaping a psychologically abusive relationship, she founded Reclaim Your Voice in 2012, a grassroots organization which creates safe spaces where people who have experienced abuse can share their stories.  Since creating this movement in the name of peace and healing for all, she has hosted over 50 events of this nature, performed spoken word poetry at notable platforms including TEDxRougeRiver, and is a frequent guest speaker at schools where she reminds youth of their own capacities to be agents of change. She is the recipient of the 2014 Yinnergy Award for her work in the Malvern Community, the 2015 VolunteerToronto Legacy Award, the 2016 Roger Fisher Scholarship, and the 2017 Write Your Self Scholarship.

Jungle Flower’s humanitarian work has helped her connect more deeply with the people who get in front of her camera, manifesting images that speak to the soul.

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