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Bali: Jumpsuits

$35.00 CAD

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NOTE: These jumpsuits are available in a wide array of colour options, including but not limited to black, grey, brown, tan, mint green, neon green, burgundy, navy, olive, dark green, cotton candy pink, taupe, lavender, violet, mustard yellow, and orange. After you place your order, please e-mail with your top three colour choices (if we don't e-mail you first) and we'll go fashion hunting for you!

One size. Cotton. Self-tied shoulder straps.

Picked up on my travels in Southeast Asia. Handmade in Bali.

With each item purchased a meal will be provided for someone living on the streets in Bali.


Shipping from Bali. Cannot be shipped with Move From My Aura Fam/Fuck Up Some Chakras/Spiritually Ratchet clothing items which are shipped from Canada.

2 - 3 weeks estimated delivery time.  Depending on destination, your government may charge you duties/taxes.

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