"My name is Kimberley and I create art on people's faces. I use the face as a canvas and that is how I express myself.

I: In this moment, what is something you are grateful for?

K: I am really grateful for my family. I have a really strong family unit, and they keep me going. They support me and they believe in my dreams and that's really important to me. 

I: If it was your time to leave earth, but you were allowed to make one last stop anywhere in the world, where would you go?

K: I think I would just go anywhere near the ocean, because I just feel so at peace. Even right now as we're sitting by the ocean, I feel so calm. I just feel like I'm always meant to be by the ocean.

I: Who taught you how to love?

K: My grandma. She's been such a big part of my life, and she's always taught me self love which is more important than anything else. She always taught me to love myself first. 

I: When was the last time you felt alone?

K: A few weeks ago. Where I'm living right now, I'm not surrounded by the type of friends I need. I feel like in the city is where I will connect more with people, because there are more creative people and artistic people and those are the types of people I really click with.

I: What is one piece of wisdom you'd want to pass on to our descendants?

K: Following your passion in life is the most important thing. When you find your passion and that becomes your happiness, no one can take that away from you. People can come and go, but as long as you have your passion you will have your true happiness.

I: What is the most attractive quality in a person?

K: Being able to laugh at yourself and not taking things too seriously.

I: Where does your strength come from?

K: Probably from the women in my life. They've taught me how to be a strong woman and be my own person.

I: What is something you learned from your last romantic relationship?

K: Not to depend on someone else for my happiness and that somebody else does not complete me, that you are your own person without anybody else. I learned that I cannot rely on somebody as much as I did.

I: What is the most beautiful thing about you?

K: I think my open mindedness, I am not a judgmental person whatsoever, I just accept people for who they are and I don't hold judgments over people.

View Kimberley Margarita's work on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kimberleymargarita_/

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