"My name is Kira and I’m not afraid to embrace my inner child. "


Between February 2016 and February 2017, I photographed Kira 7 times. A few of the images are presented here, in chronological order.


I: What is the number one killer of happiness?

K: I would say fear.

I: What is one of the most important decisions you’ve ever made in your life?

K: Having the strength to move to a different country and not being afraid to take risks and experience life. 











I: What is a priceless gift you have received in your life?

K: My strength.

I: What makes you beautiful?

K: My ability to laugh and giggle in any situation.











I: Who taught you how to love?

K: My siblings, and just children in general.

I: What is the most important thing your mother taught you?

K: To never give up.











I: Who do you miss?

K: My younger self. That’s when I felt the most free and expressive.

I: Have you always been the bubbly person that you are today?

K: Yes. 100% [giggles]









I: What was a necessary but challenging part of your journey?

K: Getting my heart broken. In that moment I did feel alone, but I always felt secure within myself and that made me realize my inner truth and my light. Because of that experience I will always appreciate my darkness. Balance is key.

I: Who is your biggest fan?

K: I’m pretty sure it’s my mom. She supports every crazy decision I make.

I: What is a luxury you currently have in your life?

K: Loved ones.











I: What is the saddest thing about humanity?

K: Our obsession with greed and ownership.

I: What is the most beautiful thing about humanity?

K: Our ability to love and love ourselves. 

Connect with Kira on Instagram: @kirathelight 
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