"My name is Laith Hakeem and I'm a creative person."

I: What is a priceless gift you have received in your life?

L: Reactions.

I: What is the most heroic thing you have ever done?

L: Saved a kid at a subway from getting his ass kicked because of some ignorant, belligerent man bullying him. So I stepped in front and the kid's face lit up, the guy got scared..so that felt really good.

I: What do you want?

L: To make an impact.

I: What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

L: Art.

I: What is a tricky thing?

L: People's emotions.

I: What is one movie that has influenced your life?

L: I'll name a movie and a documentary. The Godfather, because I love the idea of family. And Choke - A Rickson Gracey Documentary.

I: There are two kinds of people in this world; what are they?

L: Those that do, and those that dream of doing.

I: When was the last time you acted on love?

L: I act on love every time I create.

I: What is the most physical pain you've ever experienced?

L: Being put in a omoplata, which is a Jiu Jitsu move, and I didn't tap and my shoulder almost popped. Or, I had mono a couple of years ago and that sucked! That was terrible. I thought I was dying. Literally. I was asking, "Why, why??" It was bad.

I: Who is the greatest villain of all time?

L: Fear.

I: What is one of your core values?

L: Honesty.

I: What is something you constantly have to remind yourself of currently?

L: Don't be so transparent with my honesty.

I: What is a regret you've learned from?

L: Why regret something you learn from?

I: Who is the best man in your life?

L: My uncle Roger. He's the closest thing to a father figure and he's very, very calculated, intelligent. He can be cold when he has to be and warm when he has to be. I respect him a lot.

I: What is one thing you've learned from Uncle Roger?

L: To think ten steps ahead, always. No matter what. It could be an emotional situation or something regarding your career. Ten steps ahead is always the safest. Expect the worst, hope for the best.

I: What is something you've had to learn to accept about yourself?

L: That I'm great.

I: How do you define success?

L: By every action you do, how happy does it make you? If you're not happy in what you do, you are unsuccessful. I believe that.

I: What do you think true beauty is?

L: Real rawness. Real, raw, it-is-what-it-is-ness. Whatever you want to call it.

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